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Introducing DVD2AVI Ripper
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DVD ripper
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Ripping DVD

To rip a DVD disk and save it to an AVI file:
1. Select a DVD drive on the "Select drive" popup list or open a DVD folder by clicking on the "Open DVD folder" link and then selecting the folder in the Select Folder window that appears.  
2. On the "Video track" list below, select one or several tracks to be ripped.  
3. Select the audio compression method to be used on the "Audio" popup list. Select Audio track to be used as the audio source on the popup list on the right.  
4. Select the video compression method to be used on the "Video" popup list. Select Video fragment to be used as the video source on the "Subtitle" popup list on the right.  
5. Select the zoom ratio to be applied on the "Zoom" popup list.  
6. Click "Start" to get started.  

To stop DVD ripping, simply click on the "Stop" button while the ripping is in progress. That will stop the ripping process and save the ripped data to selected AVI file.

Note: You can play a whole DVD or its selected video tracks before converting them to AVI by clicking on the "Play DVD" link below the Video track list. Use the progress bar on the right of the "Play DVD" link to see how far you are in the movie being played.
Previewing picture

To preview the movie being captured, tick off the "Preview" option at the top of the Capture screen.


Select drive: Select DVD drive
Open DVD Folder: Select VIDEO_TS folder
Video Track: Select video track
Play DVD: Play selected DVD
Out file type: select output standart
Audio: Select audio compressor (avi only)
Video: Select video compressor (avi only)
Zoom: Resize video track
Audio track: Select audio track
Sub Title: Select subtitle language

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