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You can further adjust FinalBurner's CD Ripper performance with these options.

Speed – Click and drag to set the conversion speed.

Volume – Click and drag to set the volume of the sound.

Play/Stop – Click to play/stop playing the selected track.

Tracks – Select tracks to be converted to WAV/MP3. To select multiple tracks, hold the Ctrl key and click the tracks you want to convert.

WAV/MP3 – Select the format to which CD Ripper will convert the selected audio tracks.

Additional options can be set for each selected track to be converted to MP3:

Bit rate – Sets the quality of the digital sound. A greater value results in better quality.

VBR – Variable Bit Rate. FinalBurner will choose the best bit rate for each fragment of the composition.

Artist – Click to enter the artist name.

Album – Click to enter the album name.

Genre – Click on the drop-down list to select a genre for the selected album.

Output files

The Output files tab opens a window that displays MP3 or WAV files created with CD Ripper.

You can view or change the output folder for your MP3 files by clicking on the [] button next to the Output path option and then selecting the new output folder in the window that appears.

To change the appearance of MP3 files in the explorer window, click one of the five view buttons near the Output path option.


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