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1.First make sure that you have installed the latest version from our Web site.
2.Read the FAQ for possible solutions.
3.Read the known problems and solutions below.

Known Problems and solutions:

1.Access violation at address 01A7BCBB in module 'VIDEO~1.OCX'. Read address 00000000
Access violation at address 02EA869B in module 'FoxImager.dll'. Read of address 00000020

There are many standards for digital video – mp4, divx, wmv and others. The DirectX interface is used to make the program work with any standard. A proper codec must be installed to make the program work correctly with a specific type of file. Unfortunately, errors can occur in DirectX or in codecs, which are installed in DirectX. Sometimes errors occur because other multimedia programs install their modules to DirectX. These modules interfere with the normal workflow of DirectX. We only use these modules and thus cannot fix such errors because the modules are created by developers of corresponding codecs, filters, and plugins.

The best advice we can give is to install a different codec (or different version of the codec) for a specific video file, reinstall DirectX or delete other programs that use DirectX to work with video. (Unfortunately, there is no way to determine which program is causing the conflict.) Many codecs can be found at Try different codec folders to see if one of them will solve your problem.

2. CStarBurn_ScsiTransportSPTI:ExecuteCDB():Command failed

This error occurs because it is impossible to burn the disk.

Make sure that your DVD-Writer can write on the inserted media. For example, you can't write to a DVD on a CD-Writer. You cannot write to an 8X DVD if your DVD-Writer supports only 4X.